Heat Patch

Neck & Shoulder Warmer Patch

1) material: L two sides non-woven fabrics; M one side non-woven fabrics, one side with adhesive.
2) size: 80mm * 200mm M , 90mm * 290mm L
3) color: White
4) Air-Activated
5) average temperature:40~45 centigrade
6) peak temperature: 50 centigrade
7) heating time: 12 hours

MAIN INGREDIENTS:Iron powder, Salt, Activated Carbon, Water, Activated Charcoal.

INTRODUCTION  Open the outer package and expose the pack to air.
Sticking hand warmer on your clothes underwear or body straightly.
Waiting for 5 minutes, the temperature will be higher than 40 °C and last for 12hours.
Dispose of used pouch with regular garbage, it’s natural ingredients are environmentally safe.

CAUTIONS  1)Do not apply directly against skin as burns may occur.
  2)Do not swallow the contents.
  3)Supervision is needed when using the warmers or infants, children, eldly and people with physical disability or handicap.
  4) Do not use while sleeping.
  5) Remove warmers immediately if they become uncomfortable or too hot.
  6) Disposable, simply throw it away when done.

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