Heat Patch

Foot Sole Warmer

Foot Sole Warmer / Shoe Pad Warmer / insole Warmer

FEATURE1) material: two sides non-woven fabrics
2) size: 220mm M / 250mm L
3) color: brown
4) Air-Activated
5)average temperature:40 centigrade
6)peak temperature: 45 centigrade
7)heating time: 8 hours

MAIN INGREDIENTS:Iron powder, Salt, Activated Carbon, Water, Activated Charcoal.

INTRODUCTION  INSOLE WARMER PAD is the perfect everyday solution for cold feet. It is designed to function in the low oxygen environment of boots and shoes. Simply place Foot Warmer insoles inside a pair of closed-toe shoes or boots. Foot warmer insoles are designed for use inside a shoe or boot where oxygen is restricted. Do not use in ventilated type footwear. and enjoy more than 6 hours of warmth , with an average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and a peak temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

  1)Do not apply directly against skin as burns may occur.
  2)Do not swallow the contents.
  3)Supervision is needed when using the warmers or infants, children, eldly and people with physical disability or handicap.
  4) Do not use while sleeping.
  5) Remove warmers immediately if they become uncomfortable or too hot.
  6) Disposable, simply throw it away when done. 


Non adhesive heated insole
 Heating    time
 Max temp.
 Average    temp.
 Net weight
Shelf   life   
Carton size 
Gross weight 
 6 hs
 45 °C 
 40 °C
 3 years
 200 pairs
6 hs
45 °C
40 °C
3 years
200 pairs

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